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Open up people to new ideas and change
Clarity of mind
Quick prototyping
An environment where people can flourish

About this masterclass

Did you know that even people who have a low ‘natural’ tendency for curiosity can become more curious if placed in a supportive environment?

In this online program we give you the tools to cultivate openness of the mind in teams and organisations. Empower people to interpret reality in a new way to find new solutions and perspectives. Create environments in teams and organisations where continuous learning and innovation flourishes.

You will learn how to create a place where people have an open mind, where they care, are aligned with their goals and want to learn on their own. With more autonomy, to create a more adaptive organisation that can act and react when it is needed. Based on new psychological frameworks and practical cases from the wild.


In this program we give you the tools to:

  • Cultivate openness of the mind in teams and organisations for new ideas and change
  • Empower people to interpret reality in a new way to find new solutions and perspectives
  • Learn how to make continuous learning part of your culture
  • To empower people from just talking to action.
  • Create intrinsically motivated people with a higher creative and innovative output.

Actionable – Practical – Based on real life experience

Target group

For autonomous thinkers and learners, that can easily adapt. —The breeding ground for a continuous learning organisation. For HR, L&D, Heads of product, Heads of Digital, and C-Level.

Blended inspiratie

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Over de Spreker


Robert Overweg

Robert Overweg has over a decade of experience with tech, people, and innovation. He is creative director of the 160-person tech company Triple. He helps large multinationals innovate and digitally transform. He has helped more traditional companies like Vodafone, Liberty Global, Ebay, and Heineken to become more innovative and adaptable. Robert also helped found a few startups like Beyond Sports and MMGA. But most of all he helps people to get free from fixed thinking models and teaches methods to find inspiration to become creative and innovative again.

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1. How to create the right environment for change?
Video 00:15:07
Background information 01:00:00
2. Transcend the fear of failure
Video 00:07:53
Background information 01:00:00
3. How to deal with information overload
Video 00:13:18
Background information 01:00:00
4. Take care of mind and body - decrease stress
Video 00:10:57
Background information 01:00:00
5. No code prototyping
Video 00:08:31
Background information 00:30:00
6. Feel free in life and work
Video 00:02:23
7. Art & nature
Video 00:06:10
8. Games, philosophy and movies
Video 00:10:50
9. Final reflection
Final reflection 00:30:00



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